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Delegate relocation tasks to specialists and enjoy the results! We can organise the immigration not only for one talented IT specialist, but also will help to move an entire office with employees. You can trust our experience!

Fast Service
Fast and efficient service
We will handle the entire process of researching, building, submitting, and obtaining visas in a significantly shorter timeframe, all while accommodating your specific timelines
Full control and visibility
Full control and visibility
Our intuitive platform guides through every step of the immigration process, with at-a-glance status updates along the way.
Personalized case managers
Personalized case managers
Feel confident with our team of global mobility experts. They’re on hand to answer all your questions, letting you focus on what really matters.

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Is here to guide you on every step of preparing a case and becoming a Global
Talent. To start your UK relocation journey choose a preferred route on our Platform:

Best value
Most cost-effective option to secure the whole GTV journey in one tranche. Includes all the same services as other full packages.

Full pre-payment upon signing the contract
Paid in two equal instalments first of which is payable when signing the contract, and the balance is to be covered after you get the endorsement
Paid in 5 equal instalments first of which is payable upon signing the contract, and the remaining four with an interval of one month
Detailed analysis of your personal case for compliance with the Global Talent visa criteria.
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your CV.
  • Specific advice from our team of caseworkers and lawyers to increase your chances of getting an endorsement letter
  • A list of other visa types you can get based on your personal situation
  • 1 free 60 minute zoom-session with our expert*
*£50 for each additional zoom session, if required

What is
URelocation Platform?

Cloud software with AI

With our innovative experience-based platform, your chances of securing a visa will be greatly enhanced.


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Do I need to be fluent in English to get a talent visa?
No, not at all. The talent visa differs because the requirements are minimal. You do not need a confirmation of the availability of funds, a certificate of language proficiency, and so on. The main focus is on your achievements and future possibilities.
How long does it take to consider an application in Tech Nation?
The application will be taken into consideration up for to 8 weeks. But the terms can be shorter if, for example, you have a research grant or plan to work in one of the confirmed research centers in the UK.
Who can get a Global Talent Visa?
The visa is issued to applicants based on their achievements and expectations. If you have only a few years of IT experience, don't worry about refusal - you still have a good chance of getting permission to immigrate. The main reason is that you are a gifted specialist.
Do I need to be interviewed for a Global Talent Visa?
Yes, absolutely. You will be interviewed by a visa officer. But don't need to panic - the specialists of Urelocation will certainly prepare you for that. We know for sure what questions you will be asked. We also know how to answer them perfectly.
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